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Travel Tip – Airfare

I’m about 2 1/2 months out from my surfing adventure in Sayulita, Mexico. So, I get serious about plane tickets. Here are five tips to help you get cheap airfare.

Tip 1: Mid-Week: to search, buy, and fly if possible. Tues. – Thurs. I’m also going to a travel expo in San Jose, CA. I need a flight to Sayulita, then San Jose, and finally back to Cleveland. I’m a budget traveler, so I don’t want to spend to much. I started researching and searching months ago. I am finally biting the bullet after watching how the fares change before it’s too close and they creep back up.

Tip 2: Late or Early: Late night or early morning flights and search, search, search. I don’t mind traveling at night or super early either, because it saves me a night in a hotel, but I don’t want lose a lot of time with layovers. Plus, when I get there I have the whole day and I leave late, so again I have the whole day.

Tip 3: Basic Economy: This is somewhat risky if you’re unsure of your dates (once they’re bought, they’re bought. No changing for illness, death, etc. on your end. If there’s a change on their end, there may be wiggle room), but it saves you big time. The airlines are going to hate me for saying this, but I refuse to pay to pick my seat. I usually get a decent seat. I’ve talked to others, one woman is even a pilot’s wife and has a large family, and she also refuses. She said they almost always get put together. If not, a kind stranger may switch. And, I’m not picky about front or back of the plane. If the plane goes down, it’s luck of the draw who survives. I’ve also traveled a ton and the ride really isn’t much different anywhere. Plus, I’d rather be last to board anyway. I hate sitting and waiting to sit and wait. 😜

Tip 4: Luggage ($$$): I am going to a warm climate, so I don’t need much. A couple of shorts, tank tops, little dresses, jammies, undies, socks, flip flops, maybe a rash guard (but a lot of those come with the lesson), bikinis (def bikinis), a little makeup, hairbrush, and I’m good to go. I fit all of this, plus my little purse, in one bag I can fit in front of me under the seat. I, actually, use one of those Victoria Secret bags you can get at the holidays or a large backpack. If you really need anything you can buy it there and wash your little clothes in the sink and air dry. People tend to pack way too much and don’t use half. Luggage is expensive.

I wear my heaviest and biggest stuff. One bikini, jeans, long sleeve shirt or sweater (or both), jacket, bra, and tennis shoes. Once you get through security, you can begin to peel off layers.

This way, you also don’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost and waiting in that ridiculous cluster waiting for your bag. You can just get off the plane and start enjoying your adventure without the hassle. Sometimes you do have to bite the bullet and pay for luggage, but not a carefree, fun trip like this.

Tip 5: One Way: This is probably the best tip. Since, I am going several different places, I could get a multi-city ticket. However, I found that I pay up to double the price and I don’t get the times I like, so I get one way each way. I get the times I want and yes, sometimes that may be $20 higher for one of the flights, but it’s better than paying for an extra night in a hotel or getting there at 6 and missing half the day, Maybe you can’t check in until later and you check out early and still have the whole day. There are two ways to solve this dilemma. One, if you only have a little bag, you can carry it over your shoulder. You’re going to lunch and the beach, right? Or you can go to your hotel and ask the front desk to hold it until you can check in.

Feel great about the time and money you save, go to the beach, have a good lunch, and then check-in.

I have a thirst for adventure. Always Have, Alway Will. My tag line is YOLO (You Only Live Once) or in my case ++++ times, yet I continue to live my life to the fullest. Since, we're here for only a short time, I take advantage of everything that comes my way. I want to seize every moment, see and experience all can. I have been very blessed. So far I've had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries, fought (in a cage) yes fought, lived through a tragic head-on collision with a semi, strut my stuff on a stage in 4" heels as a bodybuilding bikini girl. (I'll get more into those later) Yes, most would say I'm crazy, but I continue to push the button. My new, crazy obsession is to travel the globe taking on and conquering new challenges. I want to surf in Sayulita, Mexico, run a marathon in Greece, bungee jump in Macau, etc. (My bucket list is long). As I embark on my challenges, I plan to share with you my trials and tribulations leading up to these challenges, budget travel tips & tricks (I'm a very thrifty traveler), fun exercises to prepare me for the task ahead, new exciting things to see and do in the locale I'm in, restaurants to try, the people I meet, etc. Join me in my adventures :)


  • Vickie Sneath

    Niki, Great article! Your Uncle Gregg and I are budget travelers so all tips help. Se almozt booked a vaca to that area in Mexico as well, but instead are on a van road trip and have a vacation s heduled to Provence, France in June. Good tip for your blog: Air Canada out of Windsor was much cheaper to fly to france than any airline from Detroit. Also, many people will drive to Toronto cor a cheaper flight. We are flying from Windsor and have a layover in Toronto. This will be my 6th trip to Europe and I ne er knew this
    (Greggs first……hope he likes it). Cheers and have a great vacation!

    • FitChik

      Thank you Best way to be able to explore the world and do fantastic trips that ppl can only dream of is on a low-budget. You have to get creative or the market takes advantage.

    • FitChik

      And, you are going to have so much fun in France. I’ve been there quite a few times, but never that area. The Parisians know how to live

  • Robert

    Skiplagged dot com is a discount aggregator that today shows RT CLE to PVR at $400 or under fir Jan 25 to Jan 31.

    • FitChik

      I’m going in March and I got CLE to PVR $177 one way, then PVR to SJC for $180, and finally SJC to CLE for 217.00 (because it’s a Sunday) for a grand total of $575.00. I’m happy

  • Lezlie Weimer

    Niki, what did you mean by “rash guard”? In the “stuff to pack” part? Great ideas and tips!

    • FitChik

      It’s something you wear when surfing. It protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion, or by sunburn from extended exposure to the sun. But, the place I’m getting lessons has them I found out.

  • Fredric

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