Life Changing Event

“Everything Happens for a Reason.”
-Ecclesiastical 3:1

One day, about a month after my fight, I had a life changing event. It was a blessing in disguise. It was horrible, but now I look back and I think, “oh, that’s why that happened.”

I was still upset from my breakup. I was just living, surviving. Training at night, working multiple jobs, trying to sleep  It was (so I’ve heard) a warm sunny day. I was driving home from Channel 11 at 9:30 in the morning and boom, in my Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible, I hit a semi head-on.

They say accidents always happen within 5 miles from home. I was 3. I was living with my parents, because that weekend, I was planning on moving in with my friend in Perrysburg, Well, plans change. Honestly, it’s like it was meant to be. I had no outstanding rent to pay, I had gap insurance, and I was with my parents who took very good care of me.

Back to the event. I hit a semi head on. I had to be cut out of my car and was immediately life-lighted to the best trauma hospital around. (This was all told to me, because I have no memory of the event.) From what I’ve heard, everyone was beyond helpful, including the people who witnessed the accident, My parents were told not to go to the scene of the accident by the Police (who went to there house), and to wait until I was in the hospital. It’s a small community, and everyone knows everyone.

When, I finally woke up, I was a mess. Broken femur in 3 spots, (The steering wheel came down and broke it,) Punctured Lung, Internal Bleeding, and a Severe Tramatic Brain Injury (caused by the bleeding). I was in a Medically Induced Coma for 2 months. I would have been in one naturally for a week or two I believe.

My parents, my poor, poor, wonderful parents, stayed at the hospital sometimes. It had to be the hardest thing. To see your child (who is supposed to out live you) on her death bed and the doctors attitudes didn’t help. They gave them the worst case scenario. I suppose they have to. They and the nurses did do an amazing job fixing me. I went back and thanked them years later, when I was still healing.

The outcome was supposed to be very grim tho. The first week, I wouldn’t make it the night. The second, I’d be a vegetable. The third, I’d be on a wheelchair or crutches forever.  But my parents believed in me and kept hoping for the best. They probably thought this crazy girl isn’t going anywhere.

Two months later, I came home and was a mess. I couldn’t walk, talk, use my dominate hand, write, spell, etc. I always compare it to growing up in months. You start as a newborn, who can do literally nothing, then you learn to walk, talk, read, write, survive on your own. Then, the teenage/college years come. You want to drink and party, while continuing to learn. Then, real life hits, and you have to work  but at the same time, you have goals, plans, and aspirations – a future, a life 

I did go to a bit of therapy, but my full time job, at the time, was recovery. My family doctor told me I wasn’t to work for a year. I continued to learn and grow. I worked on my dads online site while recovering. Working helped me, real life helped me. Then, I went back to my college job, bartending. I am forever thankful they took me back in my condition. I did basic, day shift and prep work. The repetitive nature of the job helped me grow and my regulars were fantastic in building my social life.

Meanwhile, I went to Thailand to train in Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). Fighting continued to be my current obsession and it helped mold me into the person I became.

Keep following me, to learn more about my amazing Thai experiences (it continues to be one of my favorite places). As well as my future fitness adventures.

I have a thirst for adventure. Always Have, Alway Will. My tag line is YOLO (You Only Live Once) or in my case ++++ times, yet I continue to live my life to the fullest. Since, we're here for only a short time, I take advantage of everything that comes my way. I want to seize every moment, see and experience all can. I have been very blessed. So far I've had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries, fought (in a cage) yes fought, lived through a tragic head-on collision with a semi, strut my stuff on a stage in 4" heels as a bodybuilding bikini girl. (I'll get more into those later) Yes, most would say I'm crazy, but I continue to push the button. My new, crazy obsession is to travel the globe taking on and conquering new challenges. I want to surf in Sayulita, Mexico, run a marathon in Greece, bungee jump in Macau, etc. (My bucket list is long). As I embark on my challenges, I plan to share with you my trials and tribulations leading up to these challenges, budget travel tips & tricks (I'm a very thrifty traveler), fun exercises to prepare me for the task ahead, new exciting things to see and do in the locale I'm in, restaurants to try, the people I meet, etc. Join me in my adventures :)