Bikini Beginnings

I was obsessed with fitness and my PT gig was doing well. I was running about 3-5 times a week, lifting, and just loving the spot I was in. After a few years, my life got a little stale. A friend of mine, I worked at Channel 11 with, had moved to Columbus and began personal training. She is now very successful and became my inspiration. She had competed in Bodybuilding Bikini Competitions a few times and that got the ball rolling. As with all things, I became obsessed and was in it to win it. 

At 33, I began my Bikini Venture. I did tons of research online about how to build my body, exercise, diet, etc., and I had to invest in my chest. (When you lose weight that’s the first to go. I had pecs. A double, triple A didn’t fit me.) I saved and saved and my Birthday present to myself was my chest. Which I now love dearly. My diet consisted of six small meals of egg whites, rice cakes, peanut butter, sugar free jam, oatmeal, a protein shake with berries, chicken, tilapia, tuna, green beans, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. Everyday. Same Same.

My first competition was in Toledo, OH at the NGA Dream Bodies Classic. I got 1st in Bikini Debut. I thought, I can do this and entered myself in the Golden Lions Production: The Holiday Classic, that December, at the Westin in Fort Lauderdale.  I flew down and stayed with one of my snowbird friends in West Palm.  I was only there a day and on my strict bikini diet, so I couldn’t have to much fun. I then drove to Fort Lauderdale and stayed at the Westin on Friday night. As a competitor I got a great rate. The room was fantastic. Overlooking A1A and the beach.  It was so nice, when it’s freezing in Ohio, to get away and spend some time in the sun.

That night I had to carb up, so I didn’t look so flat, like a starving orphan 😉 I could eat out, have a little wine. (OMG :)) 

Then tanning before bed. I was surrounded by naked women with amazing bodies. (It was so odd. I had never experienced that before.) We were all lined up in front of 3 tanning stations. Herded in and out. Then had toes and nails wiped off for extra tanning stuff on them. Off to bed, sleeping on your back as to not mess up the tan. I didn’t sleep much (nerves and worried I’d mess up my tan.)

The next day, I was up and at’em early, touch-up tanning, hair, and makeup. Immediately, in line and on stage.  It happened in the blink of an eye. I was sooo nervous, so I was a little stiff. Your mind is going a million miles an hour. Your herded on stage in 4” heels :(, in front of hundreds of people in a little tiny bikini.  Worrying about posing, placement on stage, smile, suck it in, etc. I didn’t do that fantastic, but it was a great experience. But, I didn’t do that bad for my first huge NPC show. I got 8th out of 14 in Open class D and 14th out of 22 in Masters over 30. Feedback: I need bigger Glutes and I was holding to much water weight. 🙁

But, I met great girls. The show was very well done and smooth. I had a blast, then off to Marathon, FL for a little Vaca time before Christmas.

I have a thirst for adventure. Always Have, Alway Will. My tag line is YOLO (You Only Live Once) or in my case ++++ times, yet I continue to live my life to the fullest. Since, we're here for only a short time, I take advantage of everything that comes my way. I want to seize every moment, see and experience all can. I have been very blessed. So far I've had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries, fought (in a cage) yes fought, lived through a tragic head-on collision with a semi, strut my stuff on a stage in 4" heels as a bodybuilding bikini girl. (I'll get more into those later) Yes, most would say I'm crazy, but I continue to push the button. My new, crazy obsession is to travel the globe taking on and conquering new challenges. I want to surf in Sayulita, Mexico, run a marathon in Greece, bungee jump in Macau, etc. (My bucket list is long). As I embark on my challenges, I plan to share with you my trials and tribulations leading up to these challenges, budget travel tips & tricks (I'm a very thrifty traveler), fun exercises to prepare me for the task ahead, new exciting things to see and do in the locale I'm in, restaurants to try, the people I meet, etc. Join me in my adventures :)