Tahitian Paradise

Sorry, so late in posting. We’ve had to quarantine until September 21 and boy has it been horrible 😉 Spending countless hours alone on a Trimaran in the middle of the world with a dreamy Frenchman 😉

I arrived in paradise, Aug. 24, to be greeted affectionately by the man I’d been communicating with for months (who happens to be just as handsome in person as he was online) and we were off to his Trimaran in Arue. (Does this not seem like a real life fairytale come true.) We rowed to the boat, where he swiftly whipped me up a tuna poisson cru à la Tahitian. It was fabulous and ultra healthy (fresh tuna, some tomato, carrot, and cucumber with a bit of lime juice and coconut milk served with a French baguette). We talked a bit and fell fast asleep.

Side Note: He had Covid, which I was well aware of before my arrival. He contracted it 9 days before. I did my research and he supposedly wasn’t contagious, but I was still cautious.

My host was a sleepy boy while he was sick. I took extra special care of him and it allowed me time to get settled, do some grocery shopping, and a bit of cleaning to my specifications while he slept. I am a bit of a neat freak.

I also caught a couple cockroaches in the shower 🙁 Totally grossed me out. Then, a little lizard greeted me in the bathroom. Scared me to death, but soon became my new little friend after Michel told me they eat cockroaches. I named her Lizzy. She stayed for a couple days, then got moved outside, so I could take a shower. Thank you Michel 💖

Covid has had a resurgence here with the new variant, as in most parts of the world. Until September 21, everything was closed, but essential services (grocery stores, doctors, etc.). I was able to go to church at Église du Sacré-Couer d’Arue. My French is a work in progress, so I don’t understand much, but receiving the blessed sacrament makes me feel good, as I know God is with me through the week.

We also have an 8pm curfew, but even if you venture out during the day you need to have special documentation (explaining where you’re going and why) when the police stop you. We’ve been stopped several times. I alone a few, but Michel gave me a written up work order for his business after one particular instance – I was stopped alone, outside of a pharmacy, waiting for Michel who ran an errand and had the documentation. The officer told me to go back to where I came from and stay in place until he arrived. They checked again,when he arrived and the officer smiled, realizing I was telling the truth.

Police are everywhere. I feel like we’re in Nazi Germany when on land. But, it is paradise on the boat.

I’ve learned a ton about boat life. How to properly canoe and store the canoe. (Trust me it’s not as easy as you would think and luckily I’m strong) It is my transportation to land. How to properly swim long distance while preserving my air. It’s also a work in progress and a great workout. Michel is a great teacher. Very patient, which I am trying to be, but it’s not so easy 😉 Michel is, in essence, a jack of all trades, but mostly king of the sailing world. He took off to sail the world at 22. Built his Trimaran from scratch himself in Trinidad. It is a work of art. I’ve seen other Trimaran’s, but nothing like Michel’s. He has set up his own water storage and collection system that is amazing. It’s spacious, comfortable, and has plenty of storage. Windows for fresh air are everywhere and he even has plants, which I am a huge fan of. (Everything needs a little life) I love being on the boat. I feel totally at home in Michel’s floating mansion.

Its only been 1 1/2 months, but it feels like we’ve been together forever. We have our little arguments and disagreements (as all couples do) I think a lot of it has to do with our language barrier and cultural differences. We just don’t understand exactly what the other means or where they’re coming from.

Physically we mesh perfectly. I am able to fall fast asleep in his arms early, at like 8. When normally I can never sleep. So, the quarantine wasn’t so terrible. We got to know a lot about each other quickly and now that we can actually go out, we can date 😉

This weekend will be our first weekend of freedom. The restaurants have been open during the week for a few weeks and it’s been fantastic. Michel took me to Les 3 Brasseurs. It’s in Papeete and is a local favorite.

The next restaurant he took me too was fabulous – Meherio Tahitian Bistro. Just what I pictured dinner in Tahiti might be like. Edge of the ocean, Moorea in the distance. Happy Hour no less. It was perfect 🙂

And I found my own couple of favorites: The Urban Cafe for any meal. Their breakfast is fabulous and cheap by Tahitian standards (everything here is a fortune). I had scrumptious banana waffles for breakfast. Then tried a Tuna dish for lunch on another day.

My favorite off the beaten path restaurant, so far, is The Black Garden. I just happen to stumble upon it while wondering around in the middle of no where. It is very classy. I was super impressed with the service. I will definitely be back.

Tahiti is also know for their black pearls, so of course, I wanted a black pearl. I went searching for days. At the market, at jewelry shops, on the street. I didn’t even know what I wanted – a necklace, earrings, a ring, maybe a bracelet. I just new when something caught my eye, I’d know and that’s exactly what happened. I first fell in love with a necklace, but it was $400 dollars. I thought: when will I where this extravagant thing and that’s way too much. You have so much jewelry, why do you need something else. You barely where what you have.

They range from $50 – $1000s. I settled on the cutest pair of earrings from Hokahei Pearl producer. Then, the next day, at a different jeweler, I found a matching necklace. Now, all I need is a nice Tahitian dress to where to church on Sundays and I’m all set.

I’ve met a lovely American couple from San Francisco, also on a Trimaran right down the pond. Julie and I took to each-other right away and started hanging out.

So, I’m loving me new temp home. Halfway through. I’ve extended my stay until Nov. 24, then off to Rome for Christmas. I was supposed to go to Thailand in between, but they are a Covid mess. There all kinds of new restrictions and I would need Covid insurance at $80 a month, plus quarantine a couple weeks before my yoga program. Also, French Polynesia is not on their list of approved countries you must be in for two weeks before arrival.

Instead, I’m staying here the full visa allowance of three months and spending all of December enjoying Christmas in Italy. It seems magical and cold ;( I may need some winter clothes their. I don’t know if my tank tops will do it ;( 45 more days of fun in the sun then off to Rome. Don’t forget to catch my next Tahitian blog before my Christmas Holiday in Italy.

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