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Gearing Up For Christmas Doggistyle

Rome, Rome, Rome. Where do I start. Besides the drastic temp. change. I’m freezing, but I’m loving it here.

Getting here is a story all in itself. On my way from Palermo I missed my flight, because they changed terminals and tired me wasn’t paying attention. It was my own fault, but I was able to get another one 7 hours later thanks to my wonderful host 🙂 Just had to live in the airport for a bit.

That evening I arrived in Rome exhausted. My host picked me up and we drove just north of Rome in the country. The outskirts of a town called Capena. I fell fast asleep and the next day I learned the doggie ropes from another workawayer who was still there and leaving in a couple days. It was quite an extensive routine. This dog gets this much, this dog that much. This dogs gets this. Here are the meds. etc. (I thought omg I’ll never get this) There is a lot going on, but I took good notes and now it’s just what I do everyday.

I’m taking care of six grown Rhodesian Ridgebacks and two puppies. The puppies are getting bigger and more crazy everyday. Most of the adults have been in the ring as show dogs. My host is a breeder and competitor. Very successful from the rows and shelves of trophies. She also has a very interesting story and spent time abroad in Africa.

My second day the other Workawayer (who had been there for months) asked me to go to Rome with her. I agreed and I’m so glad I did. Getting to Rome from here is a job all itself. Walk a couple miles to the bus stop, take the blue bus to the train station and then take a train to the Flaminio station. Getting back is also a journey and I should have taken better notes, because my second trip to Rome I was alone. I got off at the wrong bus stop and had to hitchhike home. My hands were full of groceries for baking Christmas cookies. I’m surprised I even made it as far as the bus.

Either way I had a ball both times. My first time I saw some of the sites. I told her, “ it’s your her last trip, so do whatever you want and I’ll just be your shadow.” She eventually plans on moving to Rome from Brazil.

My second trip I stayed the weekend at the Double Tree by Hilton Rome Monti with the points I’d collected. (Always collect points. I have a Hilton credit card I use for everything – pay off every month of course – and I’ve used my points for several rooms. Same with United airlines). I shopped, saw most of the tourist sights – Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum , etc. – and just wondered around discovering Rome and it’s antiquity.

The Colosseum was amazing. I went in the evening and did a full tour with a guide (she was fantastic). It focused on the underground where the gladiators were. They had elevators pulled by 6 slaves that raised animals, weapons, men, etc. at the games. The seats were made of marble. They only had a few left, as much of the valuable materials were ravaged and stolen. It was quite the extravagant facility, especially for the times. (Well imagine a live television show with fighting, war, killing, animal hunts and attacks.) This was their drama, live. Slaves were lucky to survive one or two games. It was fascinating and terrifying to see the measures that men will take for money, entertainment, and political gain. The cruelty.

And, I ate, ate, ate. There are little family run restaurants everywhere and each one is run by a man that resembles my grandfather. (An Italian, right of the boat, who loved to cook.) The best restaurant I found was “La Tavernetta” A little off the beaten path place. The owner was standing outside encouraging people to come in. So. I stopped, had a salad, seafood fettuccine, tiramisu, and a little Chianti. Way to much, but I think I walked it off during my 10 mile trek thru Rome that day.

Then, Sunday morning church at St. Patrick’s. They have an English language service. There are churches everywhere, but it wasn’t easy finding a church with an actual Sunday mass.

Finally, a little shopping for Christmas cookie ingredients and I headed back. Until we meet again Rome, but first Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

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