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Yacht Life has been great. Sharing a small cabin is a little rough, but do-able. I feel like I’m back on semester at sea, but these are even smaller, so I try to be out a lot. We never know when the owners are coming, so we must have everything ready (stainless steel sparkling, dust free, beds perfect, etc.) and always be available just in case. But, Friday August 19 was my first day I was officially free, so I got dolled up, heels and all, and wondered around town. (You can’t wear flip-flops in the casino and your shoulders must be covered for the church.) I first went to the little old Catholic Church on the way to the casino. The Sainte-Dévote Chapel is a renowned 11th-century Catholic chapel dedicated to Saint Devota, the patron saint of Monaco. This is a very small church. The big cathedral is the other way by the palace, so I’ll do that later. Port Hercules (where my yacht is docked) is in the center of the country. The casino is on one side and the palace on the other. (The flag is raised when Price Albert is in residence and tourists aren’t allowed to visit the palace. It was always raised while I was free, so next year.)

I also tried my luck at the Monte-Carlo Casino, but of course I went too early, so I had a glass of Rose while I waited. (Little fact: Residents of Monaco are not allowed to gamble, so it’s tourists only)

Finally I was allowed in at 2. I was counting on Gma to send me a little luck from Heaven. But 🙁 No luck in the casino. I did get to play for a bit and broke even. I’m not the gambling type. Watching my money go away makes me sick.

After I blew some cash I just wondered around and awwed at the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s that lined the entrance. The casino had more exotic cars than anywhere I’ve ever seen, well Monaco in general does. And, I’ve been to a lot of car shows. It’s like seeing a Volkswagen in most other parts of the world.

Then, I wondered back and continued up the hill to the Cathedral. It’s a hike and strategically placed. I finally found it after walking and walking and walking through a lovely park area, past a museum, around a corner. It’s gorgeous, so it was well worth it. (Plus, I do like to wonder around in a new place.) I went inside and spent a little time with God, then made my way back to the boat. Stopped to make reservations at a place for that evening for dinner. “How many?” the host asked. “Just me I say.” “Oh, no tables for you.” I went to another restaurant, same, another, same. They don’t cater to single people. If they had a bar, I’d have sat there, but most don’t and tons of tables were always open. Maybe that’s the universe telling me to make space for a new man 🙁 Nah, What’s meant to be will be. Some yachts do hire couple pairs, such as, Captain and Stewardess. Engineer and Stewardess. Etc. Hmm!

So, I headed back and ate on the boat, which wasn’t bad at all. We have an Italian chef. But, the fact that a single person can’t make reservations or get a table made me a bit upset 🙁

But, besides that little fact. This is the life for me. You barely get off the boat, but I love being on the water and I get paid for it. When, I do, I get to do something really fun. Great work/play balance. I get to live like a local for a bit in amazing places. I basically get paid to travel and am always ready for my next adventure.

Work, work, work, learn, learn, learn. Deck work, Stew work. Deck work. Stew work. Owners are coming, so make sure everything is absolutely perfect. Work, work, work, learn, learn, learn.

Another free day my Captain and I went to a place he said had the best views and it definitely did. It was high up in the hills and had a beautiful panoramic view of the marina. Of course I took a million pictures and it was just fun getting out with someone who knew the area.

Work, work, work. Deck work, Stew work. Learn, Learn, Learn. I just absolutely adore being busy all the time on the water in beautiful places: Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco.

Happy Girl! Next stop a joyous mosaic of islands called the Caribbean 🙂

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