Getting Goal Accomplished

I enjoyed my last few days in Thailand in Koh Tao trying to get my scuba open water certification, but instead ended up in the emergency room for a severe ear infection on my first day scuba diving. I get those from time to time and have to go to the doctor to get my ears cleaned out. It was so severe this time I couldn’t pop my ears to relieve the pressure as we descended and I felt intense pressure then silence. Went to the hospital and it was so bad I had an infection, had both ears cleaned out, and was deaf for a few days. Then, since I couldn’t scuba while it healed I spent my last day at lunch with a fellow yogini who trained with me at Orion from Cali and got a little sun. My accommodations, Blue Diamond Resort was right on the beach by my dive shop. It was part of my dive package. I couldn’t just sit in the sun, (I need to be active (not a sitter), so I wondered around the town. It’s a Scuba town. Dive shops everywhere. I then took the Lomprayah Ferry back to Koh Samui – 2 hours, rainy, and rough but I was inside so I was ok. I worried about my luggage getting soaked the whole time, which was outside, but the cover did work and it was dry. I get so bent out of shape over little things like that. And the big things I just smoothly handle and glide through, no worries, weird. A driver picked me up at the ferry dock and took me to The Nest. I was thinking of walking, but seeing how far it was I’m glad I opted for a ride. The Nest is a cute, little boutique hotel. It was fabulous. Free upgrade, very modern, and top notch for 32.00 a night. I bet it would have been $300 or more in the states. I had a little pool right off my room. It’s down an alley off the busy main road, quiet and serene. I woke up refreshed and well rested. RARE!

Next morning didn’t have much time, so again wondered around town. Headed to the airport when I checked out at 11 for my forever long flight. First leg Bangkok, wait, wait, wait – then Abu Dhabi (amazing airport if I had money to blow – $15 for coffee and a croissant 🙁 Then Brussels and finally Nice. Met my driver Chris, got some Euros, then off to the crew house :/ Kinda nervous. I didn’t know what I’ll be getting into. When I first walked in and went to the room I thought I was assigned a guy answered. I said, “oh sorry,” and walked on. Texted the house manager thinking this has to be a mistake, but no it wasn’t. I shared a room with 2 guys. Odd, but they’re chill, so no awkwardness. After a few days, I warmed up to a few ppl and finally felt a bit more comfortable. After all everyone has the same goal of finding work on a yacht. Everyone helps everyone. I met a fantastic woman, Natalie , who was especially kind and helpful to me. Thank you sooo much Natalie.

For the next week I just bummed around Antibes a bit, ate out a lot, got some cool deck shoes, Natalie helped me take fab cv pics at the marina, did all my dirty laundry from Thailand, and had a little fun. It is the French Riveria btw. I found a yoga studio down the street and got a week pass. Monday I went three times. Loved it (Hatha, Vinasa, and Ashtanga), Tuesday Yin, etc,). I was a happy girl.

Then, the crazy yachting life began for me. I was very lucky it happened so fast. Some have been in the crew house for weeks, months even, doing daywork.

I got my first day work in Port Grimaud. That was a crazy day of train Caos. I was with 2 others or I never would have made it. A full day of cleaning bedrooms until 6 and we finally got back at midnight.

The next day I had a weekend charter that I agreed to. It was a test charter for me to see how I’d do. Originally it was supposed to start at 10am, then the captain wanted me there at 10pm the night before. I thought oh no, getting there is going to be crazy if we don’t get back until 6. But, I would find a way. Then, luckily the Captain texted and said 6am the next day would be ok. I felt like a weight was lifted off me and I was in a much better mood. And there was no way I would have made it after the train madness. It was the total opposite direction and I needed my stuff.

Up at 5am, train to Monaco at 6 to meet the yacht, then yacht to Cannes to pick up guests, then Antibes for a bit and finally Saint Tropez. So, 4 hours of sleep then crazy day learning and being deck/stew. Standing night watch (not at sea), but to cater to crazy, party guests. They decided to saunter in around 6am, so I dosed of for a minute and back up at 8 to do it all over again. But, this is what I love. Crazy, hectic life.


DRUMROLL PLEASE, I GOT THE JOB. Found exactly what I set out to do – Yachting! I’m not personal training and being a yoga teacher quite yet, but the goal is in site. The captain does want me to do some for the crew 🙂

That’s what I do – GET GOALS ACCOMPLISHED – (Of course after I got a week pass for yoga and bought a bunch of groceries 😉

So, I’m writing this from my, yes MY cabin (I’m sharing it with Chief Stew).

I moved on the boat August 16th after the weekend test charter (the one I stayed up all night for) – Apparently I did ok. They want to keep me. So, the all nighter was worth it. I’ll be cruising the Mediterranean with an amazing crew. Love my chef, engineer, boss, and chief stew. That’s all of us on a Mangusta 108 in Monaco. It is a lot of work. plus little to no sleep. Sounds like a job for me 😉

Hmmm…don’t worry I do not drive here.

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