Surfin’ Sayulita

A fabulous surfing adventure.

I stayed at Casa Love. It was fabulous. No muss, no fuss. No buggy attendants. It’s actually hard to find someone to pay, get your key, and the door code. It’s cheap, safe, and centrally located right on the beach with a beautiful deck.

I wasn’t so sure Tuesday night, as I tried to rest my over exhausted body to the sounds of a mariachi band and people partying at a bar down below. That morning I woke up at 2am for my 6:30 flight, then spent 2 hours in a hot bus from the airport in Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita. It was cheap and I was doing as the locals do. Even if I would have taken a cab tho and paid way more, it would have been the same amount of time. The traffic was stop and go, due to the fact, that it was a national holiday for the Birthday Memorial of Benito Juarez (a Mexican president). Then, of course, excited Niki had a few Margaritas at Don Pedro’s and some Salsa dancing. Monday’s they offer Salsa lessons. I finally headed to bed at 9. The band went on tho until at least 1. Then, there was another band 🙁 Either way I’m on Ohio time. I was up at 6 (actually late for me). I felt great. Got breakfast at Coco Banana. They are known for their Healthy Coco Bananas (hence the name 🙂 And it was great.

And after breakfast I had to find an ATM that was safe to use. A lot have been tampered with and have card readers. (Side note: Before I left, Huntington Bank told me they could get pesos. Then, the Friday before I left I called and they informed I couldn’t. Hmm, when were they going to tell me and refund my money.) I asked a nice man (Carlos) at a side stand where a safe ATM was and he pointed me in the direction of a grocery store across the street that had one inside. I felt so much better. Then, he went on to tell me about the tours they sell. Tours I had been researching the night before and was interested in, but I had already set up my surfing lesson for the same day. He suggested I ask David if he would switch days, so I could go. I immediately called David and asked if we could have my first lesson Tuesday, instead of Wednesday and he agreed 🙂 Everything worked out.

My surfing ‍♀️ lesson with David from Surfin’ Sayulita today was fabulous. Challenging. Surfing is hard. Like any new sport. But fun and I got up a few times. Felt good. David says I have skiing engrained in my body and come forward, when I should stay to the side. But, I’m learning 😉

Wednesday, I embarked on the all day trip to Yelapa, I set up with Carlos. (Essentially, a booze cruise, I soon discovered.) We left at 8am for La Cruz Marina, an hour away, and the drinking began. I, however, did not partake, because I felt horrible. Lack of sleep, the known Sayulita day of sickness, and my weekly migraine (all combined) left me feeling awful. But, I had it scheduled and the only time I could go in my short visit, so I went. I’m glad I did. Besides the non-stop party, we visited some great places, I got a decent workout in kayaking (it’s amazing for the arms and my legs were a bit tired from surfing), and we saw whales :). The crew was very attentive to my sickness, so thank you for that Pedro, Christian, Italiko, Beto, Mauricio and Capi Arnoldo for taking care of me.

Yelapa was a peaceful little village at the foot of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.
The cruise to Yelapa is a 2-hour ride with a stop along the way to a secluded spots for snorkeling, swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and partying. 

Finally, or should I say eventually (sober, sick, Niki speak), we arrive at a breathtaking 150-foot waterfall, where we could swim in the cool waters to our heart’s content.

Our length of stay in Yelapa Bay was approximately 3 hours before we cruised back to La Cruz Marina to depart from the tour. On our way back, as I’m getting sicker and freezing, we experience my favorite part. The whales. They were amazing. I felt so blessed. I wasn’t sure if we’d see them. It is the end of their migration season. Whale season runs from Dec. thru March. We also saw a few dolphins.

It was a fun trip. I just wish I’d felt better. It did take my mind of my misery. It is definitely a trip for a party group. I think I’m getting a bit old for that ;( The things we saw were worth it. My parents would have been proud of my kayak experience. They’ve been wanting me to try, I finally did and loved it mom and dad 🙂

When we finally got back I called it a night and woke up refreshed and ready for my surf trip to Punta Mita. And, it was gorgeous water, a nice soft wave, and great beginner surfing. A smooth ride to the rocky shore. I had a handful of nice, long rides. Plus, I got a souvenir from the rocks at the bottom. “How’d you get that scar Niki?” – “Oh, when I was surfing in Punta Mita, Mexico a couple years ago 🙂 “ One to add to my million other battle scares.

I ended on a high note and we headed back to Sayulita to have Empenadas at El Rinconcito. They were fabulous.

My last night I wondered around town a bit. It is my Birthday my today, the 22nd, so I had a fabulous breakfast at Buonissmo and ChocoBanana again. A had a fabulous lunch of Shrimp Empanadas at the Puerto Vallarta Marina district. Wondered around the shops.

Then headed to Cali.

I have a thirst for adventure. Always Have, Alway Will. My tag line is YOLO (You Only Live Once) or in my case ++++ times, yet I continue to live my life to the fullest. Since, we're here for only a short time, I take advantage of everything that comes my way. I want to seize every moment, see and experience all can. I have been very blessed. So far I've had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries, fought (in a cage) yes fought, lived through a tragic head-on collision with a semi, strut my stuff on a stage in 4" heels as a bodybuilding bikini girl. (I'll get more into those later) Yes, most would say I'm crazy, but I continue to push the button. My new, crazy obsession is to travel the globe taking on and conquering new challenges. I want to surf in Sayulita, Mexico, run a marathon in Greece, bungee jump in Macau, etc. (My bucket list is long). As I embark on my challenges, I plan to share with you my trials and tribulations leading up to these challenges, budget travel tips & tricks (I'm a very thrifty traveler), fun exercises to prepare me for the task ahead, new exciting things to see and do in the locale I'm in, restaurants to try, the people I meet, etc. Join me in my adventures :)


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