Dance Therapy ;)

I really didn’t know what I was getting into with this workaway. I was a little leery, but my mom’s anxiety about the whole thing got me really nervous. Why would someone do a workaway where they just needed a dance partner. There has to be a catch. I was on edge my whole first night.

My host is developing a new dance called Salsita and needed a partner to practice with. His wife and his sister (my neighbor) do not dance. It is a desolate area, so I guess I can understand why it would be difficult to find a reliable partner to practice/experiment with often. So, if you have the resources why not use workaway. Plus, it gives people like me a chance to visit this diverse, amazing island.

La Gomera is definitely off the beaten path. It has a small grocery store and a bar. (Everywhere has a bar 😉 I have my own little cute apartment just up the hill from where my host lives with his Thai wife. He is German. He informed me the islands are 70% German. Very Interesting.

Harold, my host, is a gem. He really looks out for you. Anything you may need, he is right there to help. The area I was in has awe inspiring views. He took me to some gorgeous sites to dance. All his dancing sites, across the island are spectacular. There is also a bus he suggested several times I take to San Sebastián or Playa Santiago, but me and public transportation usually have problems :/

The workaway itself was fantastic learning Salsita. Harold is still in the creation stage of finding the right figures (he calls dance combinations figures) to take to festivals to teach others and I get to be a part of it. It’s a sister of salsa, but dumbed down for the general public, so everyone can take part in the fun. Still plenty difficult but not so much footwork as in Salsa. It is very similar to the dancing you see at German festivals, like Octoberfest, with a little twist of salsa mixed in. Lots and lots of spinning/twirling and turning.

After dancing all morning, I definitely mastered the art of afternoon siesta.

We took 2 days off to see parts of the island. Both days were calling for rain, but it missed us and we had a fantastic time. A little bit of everything. This island has it all: surrounded by ocean, black sparkly sandy beaches, rainforest, mountains, palm trees, and cactus. We went to Arure, Valley Gran Rey, Alajero, and Santiago. Santiago is a nice little village on the coast. And there is beautiful mountains in the distance with snowy white peaks. The Canary Islands are a production of volcanic ash over millions of years and those beautiful black, sparkly, sandy beaches are part of natures miraculous creation.

After a bit of relaxation and learning in the country I became anxious. I love the hills and enjoyed walking for miles to discover things. It was a nice break, but I wanted to see other more and go to restaurants, experience the culture. So, my last couple days I took the ferry back to Tenerife and stayed on the beach by the airport at Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club. Also, this way, I didn’t have to rely on so many factors to get to the airport. (50 min. drive to the ferry, 1 hour long ferry ride, cab to the airport) I was there at a hotel with an airport shuttle and a beach. What more do I need? 😉

It was a gorgeous landscape and I enjoyed the exercise and relaxation as well as learned a ton with the dancing. But, I think it screwed me up for traditional Salsa, which I had learned in Tahiti.

Now, back to the states, Fort Lauderdale for my STCW boat safety training, some much needed supplies, and a fun waxing before heading to Exuma, Bahamas to help on a 44’ cat.

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