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Yogini Transformation

I finally ended up at Orion and it’s wonderful. I have a cute little bungalow. Huge bathroom. Hammock out front. I could actually live here if I had a little stove. And it has air con, which is much needed. It’s like a sauna in here otherwise. There are nice windows tho. And after sweating all day in my yoga sessions, I need a nice shower and relaxation in a cool place. The training is top notch. The trainers are on their own amazing journeys. Love Sara, Scottish, the master mind of the program. She’s had quite the adventurous life herself. Been around the world doing yoga. Eidan packs quite a punch in his classes, which incorporate a bit of strength which I love. He has an Ashtanga background, which I would love to practice and learn more about. I think I cover my mat with sweat in every session with him. And Warren, a wealth of knowledge.

Half way and I can see why they call it the land of smiles. Again, this is my favorite place on earth. I love the whole vibe. The people are so sweet at Orion. The environment draws you in. The ocean, nature, dogs and cats running around, the perfect weather, the other students, and the whole yoga scene. It’s changed my life in a very positive way. I feel alive, free, fully stretched, or getting there.

Each student has their own incredible story. I’ve met some of their partners. Everyone is so talented, has such a plethora of different experiences, and I think we’re each searching for something on this yoga journey. Everyone is honest, open and kind. It’s nice to be around others who aren’t afraid to admit they’re flawed or hurt and how much this practice has opened up new windows in their lives.

It’s definitely been hard with my damaged body and painful with my tight joints and muscles, but I’m feeling more loose, stretched out, and am doing things I haven’t been able to do after my accident.

I spent my 13th Anniversary – life celebration – here at a toned down full moon celebration. I sang, chanted mantras, and enjoyed my self. Then, got deathly ill the next day. I don’t know if it was food poisoning or a nasty bug. I hurled, kinda forced because my tummy felt so bloated and painful, and me being inexperienced at this action struggled, but after hugging the toilet and hacking, I finally let loose a few times and it all came out. It felt gross, but great. I brushed my teeth forever, showered and went to bed, not feeling quite right and not sleeping, but better. I got up early tried to force myself again, but couldn’t so I still felt kinda yucky. Made myself go to class thinking I had to, but soon saw everyone else felt the same way, so only half the class was there. So, it wasn’t my dinner, but something the Orion Cafe served or a bug. I saw Eidan was teaching class and thought, “oh no. I’m def sitting this out,” but he started out slow and progressively got more challenging, so the build it up worked and I was able to complete the whole class. It actually made me feel better. Then, I talked to Sara about the next session, which was yin, so I was excited, but she called it off because half the class was sick. We had a recovery day. I was glad eventually, because my adrenaline died and I too felt like crap again. Passed out at 3, so of course I was up at 3 organizing and just doing nonsense things because that’s what I do when I can’t sleep. Waited until 8:30 and went to breakfast. It was light, but still made me feel a bit nauseous, so I walked the beach a bit and thought, “oh no, I need sunscreen”, headed back and remembered I wanted a massage, so I stopped for that. It was much needed but slightly painful because I was so tight. It may help with the tightness I feel in yoga. Maybe slightly. My body is such a mess of scar tissue. Everything is painful, the yoga, massage, stretching, but needed.

Then headed back, was going to take a shower and a nap, but the electric was out, so it was hot. I simply put on sunscreen and headed to the beach. It was wonderful. Totally nude, no judgment, but myself (maybe a little), but after two weeks of clean diet, yoga, and not eating much for a few days my body is pretty tight. It felt so good to walk in the ocean free as a bird. Lay on a sand bar in the water and soak up the sun. It was like Tahiti when I’d swim nude off the boat, but the water wasn’t quite as amazing. Tahiti wins in that department. Now, enjoying a fresh coconut (juice) (I think I have one everyday). They are wonderful and I’m kind of afraid to eat anything. Two more weeks to go, lots of studying, and lots of yoga (my new obsession). I want to learn more and live this yoga life. I am becoming a yogini (vegan diet and all. It’s may be hard on a boat, but I’ll try).

Lots of yoga – 7 hours a day, 6 days a week. Yoga classes (Vinyasa, Hatha mostly), anatomy, history of yoga, and all the elements. Then, my beach time, clean eating, no drinking, and great friends. This was a life changing, fantastic experience.

Second to last day, PRACTICAL. We have to teach a 45 minute class. That’s only half of a real class. I know I’m a personal trainer and used to teach all the time, but yoga is different. It’s a different mindset, a different rythme, and a different flow. It was very challenging and I struggled with the set up, but got a bit of help from my partner. Thank you so much Noa. I survived, made it happen because I had to, but there is a mountain of room for improvement. Plus, I more or less, want to incorporate yoga into my training and my judge suggested power yoga 🙂

And I will continue on my journey, of course, it’s me, but it will take a long, long time and lots of yoga practice and learning. I’ve only just begun. Haven’t even scratched the surface. Hope I can find as good of teachers as I had. Tomorrow written exam

I did have a good experience today tho after my miserable teaching experience. I got my first acupuncture. I was a bit nervous, but this guy is good. In his little bungalow on the floor. He poked, prodded, pulled, stretched and it was amazing. He could just tell my uneven and screwed upness with his touch. It was magical. I can move my body in ways I once couldn’t without a twitch of pain. He would press somewhere and I’d instantly feel the pain, then rub, push or pull somewhere else and I was fixed. No pain. He was a miracle worker. I was crooked, tight, uneven, etc. Now I’m fixed and feel lighter. Really!

Fantastic dinner at a fabulous place on my last day to celebrate our accomplishments (there’s lots of them here) I need to come back. Thailand is always calling. Eventually I may stay (French Polynesia – Thailand – French Polynesia – Thailand) We’ll decide when it comes to that. Thailand is def cheaper and they offres (I learned today) a retirement visa after 50 and that’s not far. It’s always an option.

Either way I passed. I’m a certified yoga teacher, but I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what it is to be a yogini and I like it. It’s challenging both mentally and physically. I want to be the best teacher I can be and I have so far to go. I think I just found my new obsession, well along with the water. Yoga on the water is my new goal and I will get there. Hard work and dedication are built in me. So wish me luck on my scuba journey …then finding a job on a yacht. Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming…Dreams do come true

Now, I have a few days to enjoy the island and won’t feel so hurried on my return. There is only one ferry to Koh Samui at 15:00 and I would have had only a half an hour to get there straight off the boat un-showered and wet. Again, everything happens for a reason.

For every hill their is a valley and I hit mine scuba diving. Scuba was a total bust 🙁 To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan, but began to get more into it as the lesson continued my first day. Started to feel somewhat comfortable with the breathing. Just when I had gotten used to the yogic breathing of, in and out through the nose, I had to switch to mouth only and hated it. I am not a mouth breather at all and it freaks me out. Just like the firefighter training for boating in Florida, I feel like I’m suffocating. I did, however, get more used to it and would have been better my second day, but my ear got clogged. He gave me a form that said I completed the first portion and the reading, so if I want to get certified anywhere for PADI Open Water within a year, I can. I’m so grateful. So, my first experience under water was a less than ideal. If my ear wasn’t clogged, I may have enjoyed it more. I just couldn’t release the pressure in my head as we descended and it hurt. The company I went thru was Scuba Birds. I chose them because of their rating online and their affordability m. It was so worth it. They were fantastic. I hate that I couldn’t complete the training, but will in the Caribbean I think. Refund for the time I didn’t use, hôtel stay included right next door, ferry tickets and top notch training. He was so knowledgeable and patient with me. He’s been all over the world working in the field. Just upset about my ears, but it is getting better, very slowly :/ Patience, Patience, Patience.

We’ll see what trouble I can get into in a couple days and Koh Samui. I started the day in the hospital getting fixed. I now have 2 prescriptions and got both ears cleared out. The right only partially, but I got drops from the pharmacy and have an antibiotic for infection. Afternoon at Coconut Monkey with a quesadilla and a coconut. Then, caramel ice cream at Cafe Del Sole and a Strawberry Mojito. (Yes, I deserve it after the stress of the last couple days.) This isn’t the most exciting town. Lots of dive shops, hostels, and Europeans or Australians everywhere. My scuba ppl were Russian and he was kinda cute, but married I think. He had a ring (I actually looked. HeHe!) Thailand is very diverse. Ppl discover its awesomeness and return.

Well, if I was going to get sick anywhere I’d choose Thailand. The health care is so affordable here. Everything is affordable. I think I should move. It all comes down to work.

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